Islington’s a quirky place with a unique sense of style and in a class all of its own.

Just when you think you know it like the back of your hand the town conjures up something you weren’t quite expecting. As time and progress take its toll, Islington has to work that much harder to maintain its individuality but it’s defiant in the mission to be authentic and that’s what we love most about it.

An eclectic mix of high street and independent shopping, world class theatre  and underground gigs, fine dining and cafe culture. Home to the world famous Arsenal football club you have to pick your times to visit unless of course you are going to a game. From the Angel Wings sculpture in the N1 center to the New River Walk if you are open to exploring it is full of worthwhile surprises. Great for shopping for interiors whatever your taste and it’s got family entertainment covered with places like the Little Angel puppet theatre and open green spaces with adventure playgrounds.

From Camden Passage full of vintage and antique dealers and shops like Home and Pantry to The Only Place for Pictures it’s bustling with the unusual and the one off.  Sit on the green and have a frozen yoghurt, walk along the canal and feed the ducks or sip a cold one in one its many pretty beer gardens.

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Destination Ray Stitch

With wall-to-wall patterned fabrics and pretty silk ribbons Ray Stitch has everything you need for... MORE

ARIA - Interior Destination Shopping Trip

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[field_shop_category] - 3Course

412 Essex Rd,
N1 3PJ

Meat/ Fish/ Veg - Simple 


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[field_shop_category] - Food Lab

56 Essex Road
N1 8LR

Italian everything - salads, pasta, bruschetta, risotto, cakes, pastries, cheeses, cured meat....

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[field_shop_category] - Ray Stitch

99 Essex Road
N1 2SJ

A one-stop sewing shop with a very special collection of designer and organic fabrics for...

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Liliana Tamberi from Food Lab

There are lots of tasty reasons to visit Food Lab on Essex Road in N1 but the tastiest reason of them all is Lady Liliana Tamberi, Lili is Food Lab. Everything you see, everything you feel,... Read More

Kim CHI KUNN FROM Maison d’Être

Parisian born Kim Chi Kunn is the co owner of charming independent coffee house maison d’être on Highbury Corner in Islington. Kim initially moved to London to broaden her already... Read More

Rachel Hart from Ray Stitch

Rachel Hart spent 15 happy years working in London as an architectural model maker. Well mostly happy, after she had her 3 lovely girls it was difficult going back into a macho workshop... Read More

TST LOVES Bourgie Table Lamps

You have to be pretty confident to flaunt the decadent Bourgie Table Lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell. Baroque style and made from glossy chrome polycarbonate not only are... Read More

Islington loves Steve Hatt

"Seeing the live lobster at Steve Hatt the fishmongers, brings back the idea of what real food should look like and teaches my kids food doesn’t originally come in a plastic packet,... Read More

Oh la la Oui Oui Brigitte

You can learn a lot about a person from their taste in music and Kim from Maison d’Etre introduced us to the band Brigitte .......we love them. Perfect for a my place of yours rendezvous... Read More

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