Almond milk Lattes it's a NATURALIS thing

In this writing game you often discover something awesome, write about it, go back a few months later.... and it's gone! Siiiigh! 

One fine Sunday morning I ventured out on a 'let me just make sure it's still there' mission and had what can only be described as a spiritual experience. Wandering down Chapel Market with the sole intent to make sure two of my favourite places were still in operation, I was also thinking "wouldn't it be awesome if I could just walk into a coffee shop and order an almond milk latte." Every time I saw another coffee shop I repeated the same thought longingly in my head. 

Now, usually my dairy free frolics go something like this ....."Hi there, do you do soya milk?" Often the reply is "yes we do!" On the odd occasion just for fun I might then ask "do you do almond milk?"

The answer is always "no" and so then I reply "may I have a soya milk latte please?"

I was delighted to find both my favourite shops still open, discovered a new piece of street art which prompted two more article ideas.... Mission accomplished, time for a sit down! 

My target was 'Not just another pop up' but when I got there they were having a great day, it was very crowded inside. I didn't want to sit outside to write, computer on display, invisible sign saying "steal me" and so there was only one other option that day. Time to try Naturalis, the organic coffee house I often walked past but hadn't the chance to visit yet.  

The first thing that caught my eye was the comfy red Chesterfield sofa in the corner with a hug me cushion on it.....yup that's my spot! Of course they do soya milk lattes so all was well until ........

​I looked up to the heavens and there was the sign ..........ALMOND! Stoooooooooop!

I tentatively said "May I have an almond milk latte?" "Of course" came the reply. 

Oh my goodness, cue a Sunday morning angels chorus "I could kiss you! But I won't."  I said to the barista. "I'll just tell you that I'm really excited about someone else that isn't looking back at me when I look in the mirror making me an almond latte, you have no idea." 

I sat in a corner hugging my almond milk latte wondering to myself what else could I make happen If I repeated it enough times in my head? 

Once my latte and my article were finished I walked home thinking 'wouldn't it be nice if Thierry Henry would just appear and ask me out on a date....."wouldn't it be nice if Thierry Henry would just appear and ask me out on a date". 

Needless to say .... that didn't happen but why not try it....just remember to be careful what you wish for!  


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