What on earth is destination shopping? 

Destination shopping is usually associated with large department stores, shopping malls and out of town outlet centers. It involves planning a trip with friends intended to last several hours featuring shopping, food, drink and entertainment, rather than simply popping out to buy goods. 

At TST we are all about creating destination shopping on the British high street. 

Really.... Why?

TST LOVES all that is quirky, unique and  individual about shopping in London. 

We believe that exploring our British High Streets and local towns is just as exciting as anything a large retail outlet has to offer but if we’re not careful with the development of 21st century urban shopping and entertainment centres, the meteoric rise in popularity of online shopping and an increase in business rates and rents​ for independent retialers, our much loved local independent shops are under threat and we are in danger  that all that's special and enticing about shopping on our high streets might eventually disappear.

Don't get us wrong we love the convenience that   "get it all under one roof' and 'click to door' brings but we still want to feel excited when we ..... 

  • just happen upon a really cute designer at the local Sunday market
  • hop on the train and head across town to sample an amazing dish we heard about from a friend
  • pop into a local boutique that sells beautiful clothes Scandinavia designers we’d otherwise know nothing about, get style advice from the staff and drink champagne with the owner.  

And we know you want that too. 

So how is TST creating destination shopping on the high street? 

Whether you’re looking for what’s new and exciting on your own doorstep or a hidden gem in another part of town, TST discovers the best independent shops and everything worth knowing nearby.  It could be as simple as an excellent coffee, a beautiful sculpture, a picturesque neighborhood or an art gallery.

Life is so busy that you just need to know exactly where to find the best independent shops, unique services, exclusive deals and art and entertainment all at the click of your finger fingertips leaving you confident to plan your shopping and get out and explore.  

Starting with London and then expanding to other major cities across the UK, (TST) is your one stop for retail inspiration when planning your shopping. We create destination shopping articles featuring the most stylish TST CHOICE places to shop, eat and have fun . 

Not only can you use our tailor made destination shopping trip articles to get out and explore, you can use the TS interactive shopping planning map to create your own destination shopping trip. The map allows you to easily view all intended locations, decide how to get there and what else might be worth a look nearby.

Making all their shopping trips fabulous, efficient and fun.



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