Islington loves Steve Hatt

"Seeing the live lobster at Steve Hatt the fishmongers, brings back the idea of what real food should look like and teaches my kids food doesn’t originally come in a plastic packet, these are things that are very important for young children to know.” 

Wendy Pau from Mata Mata 

We have the best fishmonger in London, Steve Hatt on Essex Road, he supplies all the restaurants." 

Caroline Van Luthje from Wild Swans 

 “He is a hero, I love him very much.

Liliana Tamberi from Food Lab. 

Now could this have anything to do with the fact that every fortnight without fail Steve stocks up on Lili’s own brand of olive oil from her grove in Tuscany? 

I dare say it might but best believe coming from Lady Food Lab herself, this is no faint praise. What it tells us is that with very few fourth generation fishmongers left on our high streets these days, you need to grab a bottle of that oil from Lili get your skate/s on down to Steve Hatt and then it’s fish drizzled in olive oil for dinner. 

Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the heart of Tuscany via Islington £10


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