Joff Hathaway from Fandango

After a few years of carefree globetrotting with his then partner, Joff Hathaway decided it was time to get serious about life. He returned to London with the intention of trying to stay in one place for a reasonable amount of time. 

Joff bought himself a sharp suit, put his business degree to good use and got a job in the city but as hard as he tried, still filled with a sense of adventure it didn’t take him long to realise a suited and booted 9-5 was not what made him happy. Instead inspired by his partner’s parents who were antique dealers Joff decided selling one off vintage furniture was a much more enjoyable way for him to make a living. 

He started a business selling beautiful furniture, lighting and unusual decorative items when his baby daughter was on the way. Rumour has it that pregnancy can do strange things to the body and mind and in the case of Joff’s partner , well at the time she kept saying she’d love to call their baby Fandango! Joff managed to convince her that this would be somewhat difficult to deal with as their daughter got older ..(you think?). As a compromise they called the business Fandango and the baby Ruby......Phew!

Joff started off Fandango Interiors with a large warehouse and restoration workshop buying up to five sofas at a time for wholesaling. These days he’s downsized and loves the combination of being out on the hunt for a 40 year old teak chest of drawers with beautiful handles as well as being in his small shop on Cross Street meeting lots of interesting people. Joff also has a small space where he stores all the cherry picked boarding school lockers with brass rollers and graphic design decorative screens he finds to help you put an entire interior look together.

Creatives, decorators and interior designers alike all shop at Fandango and his sourcing adventures take him all over Europe. At one point he spent a lot of time in Scandinavia and Italy dealing mainly in mid century Scandinavian pieces and Italian lighting.

Since they’ve become more popular, he is now more interested in buying unusual collectible items like an American bamboo and glass shelves with brass detailing or a french side table with arrow motif legs where it’s evident that care and love have gone into design or construction.

When he’s not at work, Joff likes the pace of life on his house boat at the New North Rd end of Regents Canal where he’s lived for seven years. Its an oasis where geese roam wild and free with their chicks. He loves meeting the characters like “the crazy wild French guy and an American lady that run the slow boats up and down the canal selling gas, wood and coal".

When he’s got the time Joff is partial to The Breakfast Club in Camden Passage and Japanese at Akari.

Pop in and say hi to him when next you’re wandering on Essex Road not least because there is much to tempt and tickle the fancy... including dare I say, Joff himself. 

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