TST LOVES Aperitivo Monday at Food Lab

The perfect cure for the Monday Blues  is an Aperitivo at Food Lab on Essex Road in Islington. 

Get this..... Hosted by Alessio Giorgetti and Giulia Puccini, for £10 every Monday at Food Lab you can order an *alfcofrolic drink  and then eat to your heart's content until 9.30 pm. 

You can choose from an Aperol Spritz, Negroni, Americano or something fruity and alcohol free.  

We are rather partial to a glass of Prosecco which went down really well with a selection from the delish buffet of bruschetta, potted shrimps, melon and tuscan ham, vegetable cous cous, pasta fredda and a range of desserts.

For this kind of quality. at that price in London?.... You should be banging down the door!

See you there next Monday. 

*alcofrolic - a term devised by Rocks Frocks and Cocktails to describe a fabulous cocktail that makes you want to frolic

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