TST LOVES fatboys!

Brash yet loveable Fatboy in Eastenders, eat, sleep, rave, repeat Fatboy Slim and now the super-sized Fatboy bean bag that will adjust to your body shape and anybody else’s you want to share it with for that matter .....rendering you completely relaxed and unable to move.

The possibilities are endless....Indoor kindling*, outdoor adventure or nextdoor naughtiness especially if your neighbor has a lovely deck or even better ......a swimming pool.

It comes in 20 trendy colors with a wipe clean weather-resistant cover: perfect for kids as well as adults with a nervous disposition and a glass of wine. 

There’s even a doggie FATBOY complete with a bone plate attached at the front side that can be personalized, just so there’s no mistaking the pooch’s pad with yours.

TST Fatboy instructions

Keep a lookout for a clear starry night
Grab your favorite person and head outdoors
Stake your claim in the grass with garden wine glass holders
Plop your Fatboy in a petty spot.
Get comfy and wrap up in your favorite blanket (we’re coveting the multicolor one fron from Brora).
Recline, relax and stargaze
Move only to sip a little Prosecco or snuggle.

TST dictionary

*kindling - reading a book, tablet or..... yes a kindle.

Buggle Up Outdoor Bean Bag by FATBOY at Aria £235.00

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