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Destinations of the week
With wall-to-wall patterned fabrics and pretty silk ribbons Ray Stitch has everything you need for a proper girlie day out...  Actually let’s...
What's your interior style: modern, eclectic, vintage, antique, classic, ethnic, all of the aforementioned or something in between? One thing is...
Islington is heaving with interior design emporiums from the sleek and modern to the kitsch and quirky from the antique and precious to the eclectic...
Shops of the week

Ray Stitch

99 Essex Road
N1 2SJ
A one-stop sewing shop with a very special collection of designer and organic fabrics for...

Food Lab

56 Essex Road
N1 8LR
Italian everything - salads, pasta, bruschetta, risotto, cakes, pastries, cheeses, cured meat. Eat...

Wild Swans

54 Cross Street
N1 2BA
Wild Swans, named after Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale about a princess who rescues her...
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TST LOVES Destination shops

TST is all about destination shopping, discovering the best independent shops and drawing your attention to everything worth knowing about nearby. It cou
You love of the week

Islington loves Steve Hatt

"Seeing the live lobster at Steve Hatt the fishmongers, brings back the idea of what real food should look like and teaches my kids food doesn’t originally come
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