Copenhagen in Denmark is known as the city of bikes. There are free public cycles and it’s extensive bicycle paths are well used throughout the downtown area. Even though the story isn’t quite the same in London there’s nothing stopping us from exploring the city by peddle. If you don’t happen to have a bicycle of your own (right now we’re coveting a Mango Curve), then pick one up one of the Barclays bikes on Islington Green and head towards Upper Street; ride along until you come to the St Marys Church on your right. Head through the churchyard towards the Dagmar Terrace past Little Angel Theatre on your left, which brings you out onto Cross Street.

St Marys Church

First stop Wild Swans for best London has to offer in Scandinavian fashion and homeware. 

Wild Swans

When you’re done, turn left out of Wild Swans and take the first left onto Shillingford Street. Turn right at Hawes Road and then cross Holton Road onto Canonbury Villas where you can enter the path for the stunning River Walk. You might want to dismount as you follow the River Walk crossing over Canonbury Grove at the Myddleton Arms re-entering the River Walk through the gate on Cananobury Grove. 

You’ll finally exit on St Pauls Road, turn right onto Ramsey Walk through St Pauls South open space exiting on Marquess road leading to Essex Road. 

Turn left and 3Course will be in front of you.

As you enter the restaurant look to the right all the way to the back, that seat in the corner right in the window, grab that if you can and get comfy.

Choose from the Scandinavian Smørrebrød Cold or Warm selection, with different toppings (meatballs with beetroot and apple salad gravadlax  smoked salmon with fresh prawns and dill and tarragon sauce, pan fried plaice along with a glass of their freshly made signature lemonade. When you are sufficiently fed and watered, choose your own route back and off you go.

Destination shopping Scandinavian style.










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