Romantic Rendez-vous 

Stroll hand in hand with your long haired lover or sit in  sublime solitary contemplation, either way Islington’s New River Walk is the perfect place to wish away an afternoon. 

First, stop by Monte’s Italian Delicatessen at 23 Canonbury Lane located just off Upper Street and only a few minutes walk from Highbury and Islington tube station. Choose a cute hamper  packed  full of gourmet Italian food  just made for feeding each other...delicious cheeses, wines and antipasti, then head towards Canonbury Rd and there’s a chance to be magically deposited into an enchanted woodland in a matter of minutes. 

The New River Walk is not your average London green space, originally  part of the historic new river that brought water into London is now a stunning and tranquil oasis for wildlife. I spotted a long legged heron all poised and pouty just waiting for me to Pap him, so I obliged. As well as the birdsong and  chic weeping willows lightly brushing the water’s surface like fingertips, the river walk’s charm lies in the fact that its seldom busy.

Of course there are people out walking their dogs, yummy mummies pushing double buggies, even brave cyclists but there seems to be an air of being in the ‘NRW club’, The kind of club that only the people in that club actually know about. Summer sees the water covered in vivid green duckweed creating an Alice in wonderland fairytale feel as you stroll along a series of delightful bridges and spot the ducklings floating past the soothing waterfall.

Carry on right the way along until you close this storybook on St Paul’s Road. Turn left on Canonbury Park North and head back to civilisation via Canonbuty Place. If you want the adventure to last a little longer instead of heading to Upper Street for drinks opt for a glass or two of Prosecco in the garden at Estorick Collection of Modern art 39a Canonbury Square. Before you leave grab some info about their latest exhibitions and gallery talks as next time you might like to start your shopping adventure there. 



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