TST Loves

In this writing game you often discover something awesome, write about it, go back a few months later.... and it's gone! Siiiigh!  One fine Sunday morning I ventured out on a '... Read more
The perfect cure for the Monday Blues  is an Aperitivo at Food Lab on Essex Road in Islington.  Get this..... Hosted by Alessio Giorgetti and Giulia... Read more
Who would refuse an opportunity to play dress up with your best girlfriends over a glass or two of bubbly? Well you just might want to make friends with the ladies in Wild Swans on Cross... Read more
The party planner at Mata Mata can help you decide on every detail to make your child’s shindig a truly unique experience. From choosing the perfect theme, organising the cake and... Read more
Let's be clear we're not talking about the 'determined despite the weather,  stoic sat outside in a coat with a turned up collar, wearing 4 scarves and mittens with flushed... Read more
There’s just something joyful about pom poms! Fluffy, decorative balls of tufty wool, cotton paper or feathered fabulousness. TST LOVES the pom pom fringe in Ray Stitch that comes in... Read more
Who drank all the skinny champagne?  Not a drop left at Taste of London.  Skinny Champagne® meaning diet champagne? No no no! Not diet.  So what makes it skinny?... Read more
Furniment? Did you say furniment ? Yes yes, according to After Noah … furniment is a now largely obsolete word (dating from 1553) meaning furnishings, accouterments, decorations or... Read more
TST is all about destination shopping, discovering the best independent shops and drawing your attention to everything worth knowing about nearby. It could be as simple as an excellent... Read more
TST Loves the fact you can get exactly what you want...  and put your other half out of the misery of trying to buy you pretty things with these ‘Mmmmm yes please darling’ cards... Read more
You have to be pretty confident to flaunt the decadent Bourgie Table Lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell. Baroque style and made from glossy chrome polycarbonate not only are... Read more
The courtyard at Maison D’Être​ started life all shabby chic, perfectly charming and a quiet sun trap.  Great in spring and summer and at a big push autumn but open to the... Read more
Old yet new, quirky, yet modern serious yet playful. Explore! A hop, skip and a jump from Angel tube station you are transported onto the cobbles of Camden Passage. Hunt for antiques,... Read more
TST LOVES the Chish & Fips Lovebirds at Fandango. Part of the 'Neon Aviary' series range there are individual free flying birds through to parrots, cardinals and canaries in cages to... Read more
Starring much loved British comedians Hugh Laurie as the charming but gormless Wooster and Stephen Fry as the dapper font of all knowledge valet, British comedy drama series Jeeves and... Read more
Brash yet loveable Fatboy in Eastenders, eat, sleep, rave, repeat Fatboy Slim and now the super-sized Fatboy bean bag that will adjust to your body shape and anybody else’s you want to... Read more